Saturday, December 8, 2012

A love story

When Lacey met Steve she felt an
instant attraction to him and she couldn’t get his
boyish smile out of her head. His rugged good
looks and gentle nature made her heart melt. If
it wasn’t love at first sight it sure was as close
to it as anyone could ever come and the best
part was that Steve felt the same way.

But there was a catch, her father dislikes
Steve, not personally, but what he stands for,
even though Lacey's dad and Steve are a lot

Steve wants the Army to be his career.
Her dad was a career Army man too, but her
dad wants her to marry Jason, a boring
accountant, a nerd in Lacey’s eyes. Jason is
stable, not a career military man like Steve.

Lacey’s father wants more for her than the rag
tag moving around and never knowing if Steve
will come home from a combat zone.
Meantime Lacey’s dad seems to be feeling not
well and Lacey cannot figure it out, until one
day, her dad is rushed to the hospital and
diagnosed with kidney failure. On top of all
this, Steve hasn’t written to Lacey from
Afghanistan, where he was sent to be an
interpreter, so now she’s feeling sad over her
dad’s illness and sad over the idea that Steve may have fallen out of love with her.

Since her dad's illness she has strongly been considering
the possibility that her father was right and
maybe Jason, also a good man, will make a
better husband. Lacey wants to go to college
and study music but she is not sure her dad will
live long enough to ever see her marry if she
finishes college first.

Will Lacey ever hear from Steve, or will she
marry Jason, whom she does not love, just to
please her dying father?

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