Saturday, December 15, 2012

Social services hated and needed

It really mystifies why so many people in America are showing and posting on social networks, a pure hatred for social services.  Too many people are under the myth that poor people are 'bringing America down.'  Few people realize that poor people only use 15% of most services, especially Medicaid.  The bulk of Medicaid, a whopping 85% is collected by that billion dollar industry known as nursing homes.  Do you really think we should toss your Grandma out into the streets?  

A good friend of mine, I will just say, S. worked as a Social Services Examiner.  It seems those working in a social services agency are some of the most hated people.  I do know, I really would not want that job.  She was a very good examiner, but it seems there is no place for those who are compassionate, feeling and really willing to help.

Those agencies like the nasty, giving you a hard time, 'I think this money comes from my paycheck' types of people.  Everyone in the outside world hates social services of course until they are laid off, sick and need it themselves, then it seems to be fine and fair, if they are the recipients.

Most people only need social services for a short period.  Do you think abused women should be denied?  The elderly who may not eat or get a place to live, should be denied?  The working mother who cannot earn enough to make ends meet, should be denied?  Do you think you and your loved ones, if tragedy strikes, should be denied?  Most Americans are one paycheck, one illness, one layoff from a job, away from poverty in America.  Few of them live high on the hog as the popular myth idea in America is perpetuated.  Guess again!

Just think about it next time you are tempted to hate people who need a boost in life simply to survive.

Also remember that life isn't fair either.  My good friend once told me: "The sooner people get over the notion that life is fair, the happier they will be."  She is so right.