Saturday, November 19, 2011

Womanizers on HP!

I've noticed one consistent phenomena on Hubpages, the same womanizing guys who just jump on every damned hub, especially the new women.  

Hell, need I say more?

These guys are desperate or trying to get laid in my estimation.  Kind of like the former candidate for governor of Arizona who got stranded in another country.  Supposedly a victim of a dating scam.  He was the victim of his own penis, wanting to get laid so he goes to a foreign country, less rules than America.  Something wrong with American women?

Knock it off guys, you are so damned obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

How it works on HubPages

So it seems that HubPages has revamped itself.  By revamping I basically mean that all the original writers are shunned aside, unless of course, they want to blow smoke up a person's arse and then they ask a select few to be judges and the like.

The rest of the original writers that actually  made that site what it is today, are not selected for hubnuggets, nor even hardly, if ever selected for hub of the day.

In fact, HubPages is so busy taking down the original writer's hubs they think are offensive that they never notice good quality of the older site members. So it goes with money I guess.  Blow smoke up new writers' butts, for a short time anyway, and increase HP's owner's revenues.  

The site is suffering for it because the quality now stinks on featured hubs when they could be picking top quality hubs from many writers I follow who are excellent writers.

Hey!  Also, what in hell kind of 'writing' site ranks writers and their posts by numbers anyway?  Crowdsourcing at its finest!