Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's not to like about retirement?

I was just contemplating today about retirement.  What do I like about it?  Retirement how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

A) I can work at my own pace, I write now and I write and write.  I love it.  Nothing about my writing is 'time sensitive' so no real deadlines, no boss chomping at the bit for paperwork for the state and federal government.  Yeah!

B) I can pee whenever I want to.  Now this may not sound like such a big deal for some, but when you've got clients in your office and you have to pee oh so badly, believe me, it is a big deal.

C)  I can sleep in the morning as long as I please.  Need I say more?  Seriously, this needs no explanation.

D) I can get up at three in the morning, write when it's quiet and go back to bed and sleep in.  See above.

E) I can get a haircut and shop whenever I feel like it.  Really, I never knew that Mondays in the grocery store could be so quiet, unlike weekends when it's packed and people pushing and shoving.  OK  I apologized for pushing and shoving.   Now, Mondays, I don't have to.

F) I can visit the parks and lakes near me whenever I want.  Beats the hell out of a bitchy boss and a slacker assistant any day.

G) I can text and talk on the phone whenever and as long as I like.  This one needs little explanation either.

When some people say they miss working, well try gardening, painting furniture, writing, reading or sewing or something as a hobby you've never had time to do before.  Try it, you'll like it.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

If it isn't fashion, the blog's not 'in'

This is the Real world

I write on our book blog often, but this is my personal blog site where I write about real life and personal things.  I know the 'fashion' blogs are all the rage right now, but fashion is just smoke and mirrors.  I cringe at when I was a teen and had to have the most fashionable designs, or as close to them as I could afford.

As I grew older, this thing we hate set in, it is called reality.  I've been wondering why we hate it or more to the point, why we tend to fear reality so much.  Many people turn to distractions to pretend reality doesn't exist, yet, no matter the distractions, when we return from them, reality never goes away.

Some people turn to addictions, not just substance abuse addictions always either.  Gaming and technology in general can be a powerful addiction for too many.  Technology is a good tool, if used right.  But technology is responsible for marriage and relationship destruction, for loss of jobs, for loss of money and even for loss of one's home because too much money was spent on buying 'things' from web sites.  All addictions, all needing to be dealt with.

Distractions, like buying expensive fashion items. We seem to think 'things' will make us happy, fulfill us when relationships turn bad, when we feel lost and need a 'thing' fix.  But that's just what is is, a buying spree fix, only good until the next 'high' is needed. Technology, can destroy lives as much as drugs and/or alcohol can.

Can we tell this to kids, young adults or older adults and they get it?  Probably not, unfortunately.

I have watched America's Next Top Model and while amusing, it is also sad.  This show gets entirely too much media attention.  They have one 'media' guy on there, whom I cannot stand because I highly doubt This guy knows what anyone needs to wear or buy.  Just a spokesman, like a carnival barker for 'buy me, buy me, buy me' nothing more than a selling tool.  Then they invited a popular blogger to visit, a guy who has no sense of anything that looks good, but because he is brash on his blog site and rude to people about what they choose to wear, he is 'popular' Lord help us! Like Joan Rivers and her fashion police act, which, folks is just that, an act.  I watched Joan as a kid, she is older than dirt and so many face lifts, her face looks like stone.

Well this ends this chat session and I doubt anyone particularly cares because my site has no boobs, bare asses or high fashion to it.  More's the pity.