Friday, September 23, 2011

Why do we apologize as women?

What bugs me most about many women is that when we complain, state our cases,point out injustices or whatever, we tend to make apologies especially when some guy brings it to our attention.  Why do we do this?

A guy bitches, he's a go -getter, a person who forges ahead, a guy with vision.  I love a particular episode of Sex and the City, when Samantha is trying to land a contract with an executive.  He bitches that Sam slept with one of his big employees.  Her response:  If I were a guy, you'd pour me a drink, offer me a cigar and say, way to go.   The line is something along that order.  But she was right.  We've come along way?   Sure we have.

Why did society want women in the work force anyway?  To compete with men, because billionaires think women need equality, pretty unlikely.  It's because big companies want women to buy, buy, buy!  Just like men do.

Do you see men buying anti-aging creams,getting boob jobs, getting eyelash and eyeliner makeup?  Well,maybe some do,but women makeup that billion dollar industry,keeping it afloat.  Why?  Well not only do women apologize for saying and acting on things, we apparently think we don't look good enough either. We apologize for our looks.  Men,paunchy, old men, seem to be some prime catch, but women, well not so.

A picture HubPages bitched about.  OMG,women have boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!

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