Monday, September 5, 2011

Is Ignorance So Bliss?

You know, there was a time, before we relied on the Internet, that most people, when they wanted to read a book or find out about a book,they would actually pick up that book and read it.  We didn't have to rely on places like Goodreads to tell us if we should be reading that damned book or novel.

I even used to belong to something called The Book of the Month Club, long before NetFlix and long before I had to reduce myself to reading, on book sites, opinions of strangers to sway my thinking.  Yes, back then we did our own thinking, wasn't that a novel idea?   Probably, today,it isn't just a novel idea, it's hard to imagine,thinking for one's self. Wow!

So you will have to excuse me if I goff at the idea of not reading anything that may look interesting.  People do not read any more, they do not allow a book to spur their imaginations,because, frankly, no one has much imagination left anymore. More's the pity for it too.  Imagine if a whole generation had actually read history, they might have understood 'no interest mortgages' to be double speak for 'balloon payments.'   Wow!

I have a great vampire series yet I wrack my brain about how to advertise the series,especially in a day and age when few people read.  A day and age when ignorance is worn like a badge, a cloak, is admired in our entertainers (The Cable Guy?)  he was someone my friends and I used to talk about as being the poor ignorant soul who didn't get it, he still don't git it, but then, neither do many other people.  So how do you 'git er done' by being clueless?

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