Friday, September 9, 2011

Why do people need how to blogs?

OK  Maybe I'm just getting old,or something similar, but for some time now I've noticed instructions on things like vacuum cleaners, of all things.  My food processor even warns people to not stick their hands or fingers in the blade.  These instructions are for adults?  Seriously!

Since I was four years old, I've known certain truths:
A) hot stoves can and do, burn your skin if you touch them
B) If you step in front of a semi, it can and usually does, hit you,it hurts like a bitch and can and often does kill you!
C) looking both ways before crossing a street or road, can give you that run down feeling if not careful.
D)  I even worked in retail as, get this now, a teenager, in the old days when we had to know how to count. Wasn't that expecting an awful lot of young employees?  But we did know how to count out change to customers.  Wow!  What a strange concept,knowing math!  Go figure!

I noticed, recently, that when I bought items at the Dollar Store, the kid waiting on me had to LQQK  at the computerized cash register to know the exact change, it was a whopping 20 cents too!  We not only had to know the change, we were expected to count back the exact change, out loud if front of the customer!   Must have been caveman days when we actually had jobs and knew things like math and customer service.

These days there is a ton of managers who cannot manage their way out of a wet paper bag!  Hey,remember those paper bags?


  1. Because people are stupider today. :)

  2. Vet: So it seems that people who manufacture items think so, like people need even the basic instructions.