Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hubpages career?

I used to write on, or maybe I should say,for HubPages. I laid that exercise in futility to rest a few days ago. But I do stop in there sometimes to see what the writers I've followed have written.  OK  Call me a lurker or troll, I don't care.  

I ran across a new post by a new person, who said 'let's have a 15 day challenge to kick start newbies HubPages writing career.' Talk about making me laugh.

I was a member of HP for about one year.  Then the Google Panda hit and took its toll on all writing sites but really went after HP.  Why?   Well maybe HP was not that great to begin with in order to be hit so hard by Panda.  After all, Google took out the worst of the worst so this tells me a lot about that little site.  It got targeted, big time!

HP owners still don't get it because they, HP themselves, started to target their best writers, in their sheer panic to fix the damage and in the name of damage control. They began to censor, disable and pull excellent writing in their panic state of mind.  All that accomplished was to piss off their seasoned writers.  You know, the ones outsiders would really read.  Good writers went out the door like smoke.  Did HP still get it?  Nope.  So the only career newbies will ever see, is the pats on the back of other hubbers.  HP started their own ads showing up on your writing,like it or not, in an endeavor to salvage the owners' $10 million per year that writers like you and me raked in for them.

Some paid writers on HP will blow smoke up your ass trying to convince you they make $50 a day or more from those ads.  I say they are liars.   Ever since HP fixed their site, the only lookers you will get are other members of HubPages.  All you get from them is pats on your back.  Nice,but they don't click ads and pats on the back don't translate into earnings of any kind.

You now have your own domain name, because supposedly Google told them that would work. I'm sure it works to line HP owners' pockets quite nicely.  Will it line yours? Not at all. So now HP has to kiss butt of newbies because the veteran writers have long since wised up and moved on. 

So if my domain name must stand alone, I choose Blogger because at least Google listens to their customers.


  1. Hey Bobbi! As you know, I've had a lot of personal trials and tribulations recently, which is part of my lack of participation at the hub. But, some of my reticence stems from the 'tit for tat' I've experienced, more than Panda. I noticed a supporter I felt was a friend, despite the fact that all my followers were aware of my recent trials, apparently got his "feelings hurt" and felt I was remiss in not commenting temporarily. But, the education I've garnered in experiencing the nature of "arrested development", is very revealing in anyone long past adolescence, and alienated the affection I once felt at the hub.

    Thanks to supporters like you, Bobbi, I gained enough confidence in my abilities to strike out for greener pastures. I greatly appreciate the honesty and passion in all of your writing.

  2. Amy:Wonderful to see you here. Yes, if anyone got their feelings hurt because you have a life outside HP, well they'll get over it if they are any kind of friend. I think it's wonderful that you write other places too. Maybe you should turn your life trials into a book? People love that sort of thing. Stop in here any time,my Dear. I love to see you.


  3. Hey there Bobbi! I love this site. Sorry about your hub, but I'm not surprised. My rating is now down to 88 and I'm not going to write any new hubs. Like you I check in to see what's going on. No body's around much anymore. Oh well, time to move on. At least I have emails so I can keep in touch. Keep writing and will talk to you soon!

  4. MelsBaBySIS: Hi there. Yes, I got loads of comments concerning that hub. But I can't say I miss the shenanigans at HP either. I'll keep checking your blogs as well here. I really like blogger and people don't realize no one is making money from HP anymore because of the fact Google dislikes them. It's why thy had to switch to other ads. Thanks for stopping by.