Saturday, September 24, 2011

Old Woman Where Did You Come From?

She sits looking out the window
She knows she got old somehow
She used to be a raving beauty
But she never let it make her snooty

In a nursing home she rocks and looks
She used to go dancing, she loved to cook
Now she's doing something she'd vowed never to do
She went from a mansion to living in a shoe

She once wore satin and laces
She once was beautiful
She could tell by the looks on their faces
She once traveled to far away places

The young people taking care of me
This frail old woman is all they now see
I was once young too, she wants to cry
But all she can do is sit and sigh

I lived in big houses
I once wore fancy blouses
Now I'm stuck in this miserable place
I'm stuck with you louses

I'm still a human, don't you see?
I've not changed inside
Just because you now take care of me
You herd me around, just allow me to be

You young ones tell me what to do
Do I tell you what's good for you?
At five in the morning, I'm out of my bed
Where do I need to be, are you out of your heads?

An old woman now I may be
I once was young too
Why can't you see?
You live long enough, you too will be me

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