Thursday, September 22, 2011

Over stimulated and blogging

So it's 4AM and I'm drinking coffee and have been awake since 2AM.  Would I say I have insomnia? Naw, I simply went to bed at 8PM (ya following me here so far?)   So I getup in the wee hours of morning to be creative.  Many people get creative early mornings,some late evening. Me?  Well, just anytime will do, depends on how bright eyed and bushy tailed I get.

So I've been thinking of perming my hair.  Is curly still in?  Well it is with me since I look best with curly hair,even if it has to come from a bottle.  Being an ex-hairdresser, I will tell you that if you want a salon quality perm, Ogilvie is the best quality over the counter.   I give myself perms at home all the time. It's all in the wind of the rods.  But this perm gives soft,salon quality results every time.  Do I have stock in this perm company?  I wish I did!

So,now,at 4AM you learned about great drugstore perms. 

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