Thursday, November 1, 2012

What does it mean?

I was checking my blog views when I noticed the most viewed blog I have is entitled: Over Stimulated and Blogging.  That one has 79 total views.  My blogs average 8 views.  Now what does it all mean? The title meant I'd had too much coffee and was up late.  It means that 71, possible deviants, must have thought it meant something ominous.  If young girls do not think deviants crawl all over titles insinuating something provocative, well guess again.  I'm sure they (the naughty readers) were sorely disappointed because I talked about trying to decide if I should give myself a perm or not.  Too, too funny!  OK then, on with today's recipe.

Steve's almost famous biscuits and gravy:

You will need one half package (a whole package of you want a large amount) of ground sausage.  Steve gets the tube kind. One tube, more if you need them, of country style biscuits.  We like the big flaky kind.  You can make your own homemade biscuits if you are that ambitious. 

Start baking biscuits while the sausage is frying.

 While frying the sausage, add Italian seasoning, ground black pepper and flakes of red pepper.  Cook sausage until nice and brown. 

Into the sausage, stir four to five tablespoons of margarine and allow to melt.  Sprinkle 1/4 to 1/2 Cup (depending on the portions you want) of all purpose flour over the sausage and melted margarine.  Stir and allow the flour to coat the sausage and allow the flour to turn a light brown.  (This is the base for the rue or thickening of the gravy.)  Turn the sausage mixture on high and begin whisking in milk slowly and allowing it to become thick.  Continue pouring milk and whisking the mixture until you have the desired amount you will need and continue to stir until mixture becomes thickened.  You may add salt and pepper to taste and your gravy is now ready to pour on to the finished biscuits.  

Add an egg on top and WOW a hungry mans breakfast.