Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ode to stupid landlords

I'm supposed to get rid of this beautiful face?  Don't think so!

So the landlord decided we cannot have a cat.  He called us on his cell phone to tell us this.  He obviously has no balls or he would have knocked on the door.  Obviously he likes to sit on his ass, collect rent and do nothing more. 

Well it's not like we set out to get a cat. She was a kitten in the backyard, dying, abandoned and we didn't have the heart to take her to the pound.  They kill cats who find no homes at the pound, so no, we will not take her there.

He can start an eviction notice for all I give a damn and we are looking for a different place as I write, a better landlord or a rent to own place.  She just caught a mouse this morning and played it to death.  So here is the lease breaker anyway.  Any state law says:  If you have cockroaches, mice or any infestation or ongoing problem and the landlord does not take care of it, you can break a lease due to the fact it's the landlord's problem to fix.  We have given this jerk written statements and told him in person that every year when it gets cold, mice come in.  We have told him for two straight years.  He has always forgotten.  Well, well, so he can shove his lease, Slumlord!  Our cat is doing the landlord's job.  He gave us no time limit on 'get rid of the cat' so while we look he can start an eviction notice for all we care, it will cost him money to do so.  

The thing is, we have rented some absolutely beautiful homes, with a dog, with the landlords knowing we owned a dog and no problems.  We come to stupid, stupid Penn Yan, the red necks who think they are sophisticated, I know since I moved here in 1970 and then lived other places since and coming back here was a mistake for sure.  

The Finger Lakes is a beautiful landscape but the people, well, much to be desired.  We rented a brand new house, never been lived in, in Indiana in a housing development and had a dog.  The landlords were sad we didn't renew the lease the next year because I wanted to move closer to my job.  They loved us, even with a dog because we treat all homes as if they are our own house.  We keep them clean, pay all our rent on time and keep the yards pretty.  Most normal landlords appreciate good tenants when they see them.  But Penn Yan dips apparently have no idea how to attract good tenants then whine because someone ruins their places.  I have no sympathy at all for stupid landlords.  Stupid ones abound in the rural areas of New York State.

When we moved in here, our oven door was broken, we had to tell him several times to fix that too.  The woman who lived here before had a young kid, and he probably sat on the oven door and broke it.  I know, I've raised five kids and have seen that happen.   Our cat is less destructive than her kid was!

So we get rid of our kitty?  No, and I will suggest he go home and pick which of his kids he should give away.  Same diff in my book.

Here's to all the idiot landlords who have no idea how to treat a good renter when it crawls up their noses.  Those kind deserve bad tenants! 

Beautiful baby, You are Staying with us!