Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unpacking the dishes 2

I looked at the clock, one of the items I made sure I put up right away.  I can't stand not knowing the time even if I have nowhere to be, I just need to know.  The clock said it was noon.  No wonder my stomach was growling.  I decided to fix a sandwich and some coffee.  Taking my lunch outside, I couldn't help but take in the view.  So pretty, rolling waves on the lake, no neighbors on top of us and there was a gentle breeze blowing.

I'd been unpacking all morning so feeling sweaty and grimy, I decided to take a quick shower and cool off a bit.  There they were, my towels, then my shower gel, blow dryer and body spray.  Everything I needed.  The hot water rolling over me helped to relieve the tension in my shoulders and my mood.  It felt wonderful, almost making me want to take a nap.  But I have more items to put away so I dry myself off and look for something to wear.  I choose a pair of short cut off jeans and a halter top.  Just cool enough for the warm weather and cool enough to make me not sweat so profusely while I unpack boxes.

On my way back to the living room, I grabbed a hair pull out of my cut off jean shorts.  I looked into the full length mirror and it occurred to me that I may have just cut the jeans a tad too short.  I could almost see my crotch area, but I shrugged thinking I had no one to impress and being home alone, with Mike on a business trip, I continued to pull my hair on top of my head.  The hair was damp from the humidity and a lot of my curls were laying in little, damp ringlets at the back of my neck and forehead.

I  took a long look at the vast array of boxes in the living room and dining area and wondered just how I'd ever get them all unpacked and put away.  Well, I thought to myself, stop wasting time, those boxes won't put themselves away.  Where in hell is that damned air conditioning guy?  I was growing more impatient by the hour.  I figured he's probably some old guy, a fat old guy, slow, probably one of those guys who's ass crack showed each time he bent over to fix anything.  I groaned inside at the thought and giggled a little to myself imagining that ass crack vision.  Never the less, I just hope Old Fart knows his stuff and that Mike has left him some detailed instructions.  I hate being the sole one at home when man chores crop up because I don't know the first thing about them.Getting back to unpacking I found myself engrossed in unwrapping each piece of glassware when, suddenly ,what in hell?"

Excuse me lady, I didn't mean to scare you but I 
I stood up quickly, and what I saw left me stunned

knocked and I guess you didn't hear me so I took the liberty of letting myself in.

Shirtless, muscles rippling and a six pack that I'd only seen in body building magazines was here, in the flesh.  Holy shit!

"I will get to work as soon as you show me where the unit is located."

I must have obviously been staring a him because he almost looked uncomfortable under my gaze.