Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sit down have coffee just talkin

Sit down, let me pour you some coffee, let's chat, let's get to know each other.

I really like the picture I posted today.  Back before the age of the 'disposable spouse' when couples didn't split at the slightest thing or setback.  

I grew up in a time when my mom was home after school, when you knew someone was there to ask 'how was your day?'  Now I know in this modern era, in order to just place food on the table, mom probably has to work.  A shame, really, but then it is a shame when being a mom pays no retirement benefits either.  Sux all around.  But, hey, parents do what they can.

The Internet is all buzzing about the Boston Marathon bombing.  Hell, it's gotten so I'm leery to shop the malls anymore.  I do make it a point to not go there during the Christmas rush.  Probably just as well, the mall only brings out every materialistic bone in my body anyway.  Best not to be tempted by all that glitter and glitz.  But, the bombing.  For many years other countries have lived with this kind of thing.  I suppose Americans sat all smug feeling it never happens to us.  I think all that has changed now though.  We now see and feel, how the 'other half lives.'

Americans always felt American middle class would always be safe too,  So much has changed in recent years.  So many things we always felt were the other person's problem.  Well, here those problems are.  At our own door step. 

Well thanks for stopping by.  Here have another cup of coffee before you go. 

Can you believe how much this liquid costs now at Starbucks?