Monday, February 4, 2013

Summer coming

Tucked away, in a section of New York State, amidst a group of lakes formed by glaciers, is a place we call the Finger Lakes.  

A land full of old barns, family farmland and a group of people living among some of the most beautiful scenery and majestic hills, in America.

A land rich with history, New York is among the oldest settlements when our ancestors arrived in the New World.  Dotted with some lovely old mansions, from a time when builders were artists, taking pride in their craft. I just love old houses.

Buildings that also ring of past eras, past wrongs and mysterious ways.  A time when people were places in asylums and forgotten.  Some buildings stand as a monument to that tragic practice.  Asylums for the insane, which could have meant anything in those days.

But the Finger Lakes, so I have discovered over the years, is not a place people take lightly.  Many love it, some do not. But summer is coming.  If you can, come visit this land that many of us have called home most of our lives.  Form your own opinions.