Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Love and sex

Being happy is a learning process.  Be happy!

When women find that 'man of their dreams' and after a while, it starts to turn sour they tend to ask that proverbial question: why?  That guy is handsome, seems to have all the qualities they were looking for and well maybe the sex is great maybe it's mediocre.  But they cannot figure out why this 'right' guy isn't making them happy. If looks made us all happy, by the way, I guess there would never be any unhappy pretty people.  Well there are and they come in droves.

For starters, looking for a guy to make them happy is the first step in the wrong direction.  Who's responsibility is it to make you happy?  It's yours, not anyone else's.  Women hardly ever take the time to get to know who they are before jumping into a relationship.  How can you follow anyone if you haven't figured out who you are first?  The best statement anyone can make and mean it, is: "I know who I am."  If you don't know who you are the love and sex, will only be pretty much meaningless.

Too often, women act like being single is a fate worse than death.  They are sure they want to be with someone and too many times they settle.  They settle for the great looking guy who really is making them miserable by his actions or his lack of actions.

Women want guys to remember anniversaries, birthdays, little romantic moments just like in a novel.  A lot of times it's not going to happen this way.  Maybe, a couple of weeks before the big event, you may need to mention it's coming up.

Another problem many women have is they think a guy should just know how to be intimate.  Well maybe you need to woman up and tell him how you like your intimacy.  Too many women are way too shy in this department.  More on the great intimacy details in the next blog.