Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Penn Yan blog

I'm trying a new font here, it looks good and seems to work well.

My new blogs will now, for a good while anyway, consist of small town, one in particular in NY, and the pluses and minuses of small town living in NY.

Living in America, almost anywhere, can be very pricy anymore, thanks to Corporate America and wayward politicians who care for nothing but money, the people be damned is their motto.  So small towns all suffer from:
A) Lack of jobs
B) Lack of decent stores
C) Lack of decent services of most any kind

Sure, sure, plenty of die hards will try to defend small town America, but they are delusional and would defend most anything.  Nice try.

This is the Penn Yan blog, of my own making.  I know from where I speak because I've lived in this town for about 35 years.  It is a pretty town nestled on Keuka Lake and would be much more pleasant if not for the bad Chamber of Commerce, lack of services, not great medical emergency responders not very good fire responders.  Good luck if you need either one in a hurry.  You will be SOL.  

I'm going to talk about all that is wrong in this small town.  Call me cynical, but I call it realistic and reporting all I have observed in 35 years.  Yes, it is a quiet place to retire, but if you need emergency medical help, you best jump in someone's car and head for the local hospital and hope for the best.

Small towns do not have to be provincial in their thinking or their ways, but I guess no one told this to anyone in Penn Yan because they are as provincial and narrow as they come.  Stay tuned for more.