Thursday, June 14, 2012

Small town, no class

When we first came back to Penn Yan after living in another state for 7 years, we decided because of the lakes in the area, it might be nice to retire here.  I was just reading recently where Buffalo, NY is offering college students monies to help repay student loans in exchange for them moving there and residing there for at least one year.  Apparently Buffalo has been bleeding population for quite some time.  Well, gee, just like Penn Yan, but you'd think at some point mayors might 'get it' before over half their populations were gone.  Guess you don't have to be too intelligent to be a mayor in a lot of places.

Jobs went to the wayside, the few remaining in these Podunk areas went to 'friends, relatives, mistresses, so and so forth.'  The favorite motto in these towns for getting jobs is: "It's who ya know, and who ya b___ow!"  Emphasis on the last part.  It's still that way here in Small Beans ville.

First off, after returning, one of the local nursing homes ran an ad for a Social Worker.  Must have experience, blah, blah, blah!  I apply, get an interview and first off I could see the look on the staffs' faces when they saw I wasn't a Bimbo.  So they still give me a four hour interview, wasting my  entire afternoon, couldn't even offer lunch nor even a lunch break.  The interview started at 11:00AM and proceeded until 3:00PM.  I am not only qualified for the position, but I am more qualified than the young woman who was already working there fresh from college.  But either they age discriminate {Which is always good for a nursing home}  after all, what in hell would anyone over 40 know about older people anyway?  Yes indeed, 25 year olds have it nailed there.  Ahem!  But more than likely my last name isn't spelled good enough for provincial Penn Yan.  Now to add insult to injury, I not only didn't get a turn down letter, or phone call.  I get a turn down email. That is the epitome of having no class.  But it gets better with no class as I will discuss in further blogs.  Hope this all goes viral!  I am sure to never recommend this low class nursing home to anyone I know.  So word of mouth advertisements can make ya or break ya!