Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why oh why?

I've always liked this cartoon, probably because it just kind of says it all about job dissatisfaction, especially these days.

The thing about getting older is that we have seen many changes over time.  I have to say, in the 21st century, societal changes have not been particularly great, especially the dismantling of the American economy and destruction of the middle class workers.

What I have seen and experienced:  In the 1970's some people were making $9.00 an hour....fast forward to 2013 and the same $9.00 is touted as being wonderful, terrific, and isn't it great?  How in hell this number never changing in 40 years is a great thing, eludes me.

Having insurance that covered everything and still not costing a fortune.  On Facebook I just saw a picture of Ronald Reagan and people lauding his virtues, sayings like: "We sure do miss him."  Those make me puke.  Why?  Because those people don't bother to pay attention, read or worse yet, remember history and the fact Reagan is the reason we have horrible health insurance.

In the 1960's we had to bring in Civil Rights............Not so much because any president wanted to......but a generation of people interested in improving America........stood up and Demanded it.  If anyone these days thought of demanding anything............most worry about breaking a nail or worse yet, breaking a sweat.  Young people with loads of energy, and no civic mindedness, sit on electronic devices saying: "Someone should do something."  So Do It Already!!!!!!!!!

I used to see unions protecting workers, keeping employers from screwing them over and now I see workers running scared......afraid to say shit if they have a mouthful..........scared of losing their tacky little shitty, part time jobs..........they'd rather hang on by their fingernails instead of Really Living.   Scared they will have their jobs taken away....afraid their houses will be taken.afraid of losing their gas sucking cars and trucks............afraid their clothes will be taken.....their birthdays will be taken.......their first born will be taken.........their underwear will be taken.  So protest naked!

Companies used to provide health insurance..........it covered a multitude of things, including medications..........I've seen a government and a society say: "Pot is awful................but over priced prescription narcotics are wonderful."  Where's the logic in this?  Companies made a profit back then, yet paid some workers a decent wage and provided a retirement for some.  OK  I say some because most women didn't get a good wage............but kids did work McDonald's and Did Not have to make a career out of it later on as adults.  I do recall being asked at a job interview: "So how many kids do you have?"  This came on the heels of: "Are you married?"  "Do you have good child care so you can come to work?"   But then my answer was:  "Do you ask male applicants the same questions about child care?  Oh yes, they have the 'little woman' at home to depend on so men don't need to worry about such things."  That did shut them up.  I didn't always get the job, but who wants to work for that employer anyway?

We haven't come so far now either.  Women still do the Same work and get paid less.  Why is that?

Why do you workers put up with a CEO coming to your place of business saying: "No more than 35 (or less) hours, no benefits, you get wage freezes and no time off pay, no retirement."  Yet this Same CEO is making a 6 figure income at Your expense.

I guess I just need to know what in hell happened to a workforce that has decided to roll over, take it up the ass and then kiss the chains of their masters?

I suppose some will say I'm harsh and some will say I'm negative...............but have your opinions.