Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Divorce diaries or Phil isn't always right

Dr. Phil and his rescuing of relationships, isn't always right.  Sometimes you just have to ditch the guy, even after 16 years of marriage.

Marriage?  In my case, the term is used lightly, it was more like a living arrangement, no real companionship, no romance once he said 'I do' and marrying a Vietnam vet with PTSD turned out to be a total nightmare.  He wasn't going to change, but he sure tried to change me.  

When your SO tries to change you, in every way, you eventually get the point that maybe you are not meant to be with him after all.  Unfortunately it took me years to work up the courage to realize that and to finally leave.

Some vets with PTSD do not live in a world of reality.  I am sure my ex was suffering from a big dose of sociopath long before I met him, and being in the Army just made him worse.  

When dating, he appeared sweet, but I know now, all the red flags and signs that popped up in dating should have warned me.  I was young and too trusting to see them.

Anyway, this blog will talk about striking out on my own, scared, no real social support, but it happened and I survived it.  No, I wasn't fortunate enough to have money to travel as in Eat, Pray, Love............who in hell does?  Mine was more like Leave, Live, Survive.  I hope this blog helps others with or without a plan.