Thursday, October 6, 2011

This must be said

I think the anonymous blogger in the news who ranted about school lunches is commendable. However, just like when I attended Social Work classes, the news is about kids,what they eat and so on.In college, young students said:"I want to help kids, that's so worthwhile."  Really? It seems in our society kids are a more worthwhile endeavor. 
 When I was in public school we were served gooey french toast, fatty macaroni and cheese, hot dogs until they came out our ears.  Cake and ice cream for desserts, pizza, and pizza burgers.  Were we fat?  Nope. We got off our asses and went outside, rode our bikes and mom and dad had to yell at us to come in when it was dark.  We exercised it off, no video games,no sitting in front of a TV shoveling chips and soda pop into our faces.

So this brings me to how we worry about our kid's meals at school.  Blame everyone but the parents allowing those fat kids to sit and sit.  But when it comes to the elderly,we can shove mom or dad,grandma or grandpa into impersonal nursing homes because 'someone else must care for them.' 

I've written a book concerning this subject,but,alas,the elderly just don't concern much of society or TV talk show hosts.  Shame on America.  But for those who do care, I am listing some great literature concerning alternatives to nursing home care.  I sincerely hope people will check this information out and once again,give a damn about the elderly.  We have become one ungrateful nation to treat our elderly loved ones so shamefully.

 • Assisted Living Care Guide:
• Memory Care Guide:
• Nursing Home Guide:
• Care Home Guide:

• Independent Living Guide:

The aim with these guides is to help people faced with deciding what type of care to choose for a loved one make the best possible decision.