Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nursing home blogs don't fly?

I guess blogs concerning nursing homes don't fly so well, although my nursing home books are still my best sellers.

I haven't a clue why they aren't popular, but I do know, in college, students were just looking forward to working with kids and families.  It seemed like a more worthwhile endeavor I suppose.

Well, elderly people have families too and they are a worthwhile endeavor. 

Fixing nursing homes:  We can fix them by:
1) Get nursing stations out of the hallways
2) Stop making people share rooms with virtual strangers
3) Use medicine cabinets, and give medications at the proper times, not to everyone because it's convenient for staff
4) Have more staff, less psychotropic medications, this is much more cost effective, even for nursing home owners, happiness does not come from a bottle, it comes from quality of life.
5) Listen to the residents, don't blow smoke up their asses or even their family's asses, it's undignified
6) Treat the residents as individuals, not like some human cattle to be herded to meals, activities, etc.
7) Offer choices when it comes to meal times too, not just what is cheaper for the facility

God knows these are not the only ways to improve nursing homes, but it's a good basic start any facility can do, right now.  

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